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About Us

   Fano Group Limited, a subsidiary of FANO UK in China mainland, covers three biz areas: animal feed supplement, frozen foods and shipping business. Fano Feed consists of Jiangsu Huifeng Fano Mineral Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Xiangyun Fano Chemical Co., Ltd. and Nantong Lida Fano Elechemical Co., Ltd. Besides, Xuzhou Fano Agriproducts Co., Ltd. and      
     Lianyungang Fano Forwarders Co., Ltd. serve Fano foods and its shipping business respectively.
    Nantong Lida Fano Elechemical Co., Ltd., also a subsidiary of Fano group, concentrates on the production of feed premix, producing kinds of feed premix for poultry, pigs, ruminate, aquatic products, etc. Our  annual output is 20,000 tons. We obtained the production license from ministry of agriculture, license NO: 苏饲添(2022)H06006.