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Feed Antioxidant

Feed Antioxidant

Feed Antioxidant


Feed Antioxidant

Main ingredients:

Consists of 2, 6 - BHT, EMQ, synergist, chelate, 

The total effective ingredients ≥ 20%

Product Features:

Made of a variety of antioxidants and synergistic agent, it can produce synergies.

Its cost performance is much better than simple antioxidants(EMQ). 

Product contains special metal ion chelate. It can effectively restrain the strong catalytic oxidation of metal ions, and restrain feed oil from rancidity. Protection vitamins and other nutrients from destroying. So as to protect the feed quality effectively.

Usage and dosage (per 1,000g feed)



1.For the high copper, high fat feed, in the high temperature and high humidity environment, we suggest add 500-600 grams per ton;                                      

2.Add according to the type of grease in the feed, raw materials composition and storage time, environment temperature conditions; 

3.When used, this product should be mixed with the needed concentration. Then add into feed equably. Avoid uneven mixing. 

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