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Compound Premix For Chicken

Compound Premix For Chicken

Compound Premix For Chicken



FANO brand poultry series premix is, adopted US (BRILL) formula technology, meticulously developed and produced by FANO GROUP LIMITED, combining with domestic and overseas up-to-date nutrition outcomes.

Product Characteristics:

· Add our own natural plant or animal growth accelerants, enhance immunity, to ensure that the poultry grow healthy.

· Comprehensive and balanced nutrition. Use high quality single vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc. specially prepared, ensure that meet the needs of the poultry nutrition such as the growth, fattening and reproduction.

· Guard against various of common poultry diseases, enhance anti-stress ability.

· Markedly Improve FCR, shorten breeding cycle, improve economic benefit.

·With a view to regional differences of the breeding industry, we can customize for diverse customers.

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